Welcome to the St Mary’s Sacramental Programme

Celebrating a sacrament for the first time is an important step in the life of a child as a Catholic Christian.

Sacraments are vital expressions in the life of Catholics. Each time we receive a sacrament we respond in a deeper way to Jesus’ call to discipleship. Since sacraments are so important to us, we take them very seriously and prepare to receive them thoughtfully and thoroughly. All sacraments are events for the Catholic community to celebrate; this is reflected in the preparation and celebration of the sacraments at St Mary’s.

The Role of the Family in the Sacramental Preparation of the Children.

At St Mary’s, we are committed to the idea that taking an active part in a child’s spiritual formation is the right and dignity of Christian parents. Parents are the
first teachers of their children in the vision and practice of the Christian way of life.

It is in the home that children primarily experience and come to know about God. When children experience the loving care of their family members, when they are challenged to be the best people that they can be by their parents, and when they witness a family’s unceasing striving for healing and reconciliation, then the children really learn about who God is.

Parents are, whether they realize it or not, the sacrament of God’s presence to their children. Parents have the responsibility to see that their child attends
Mass each Sunday in order for them to grow in their faith and as members of the Catholic community.

In recognising parents as the primary religious educators of their children, the Catholic community of St Mary’s relies on the cooperation of families for preparing the children for First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

In all of our sacramental preparation programmes, we attempt to nurture a strong partnership between families and the Church. Parents are encouraged to take on their central role. The Parish and the schools assist parents in this task. The Church provides the immediate preparation for all sacraments.

Catholic schools or Sunday Religious Education class for those in public or private school, provide the initial or foundational preparation.

Baptised Catholic children in year three are usually prepared to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.(Penance). Those in Year four are prepared for Holy Eucharist. (Holy Communion) Year sis children are prepared for Confirmation.

Information for Sacraments and parent meetings.

Those parents who wish for their child to receive the Sacraments need to let the School/Parish know and enrol their child at the Commitment Masses. The commitment masses usually will be in February or March every year.

Parents will also need to attend meetings for the sacramental preparation of the child.

Please refer All Sacraments Programme 2017 for dates.